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What Is A Double Merle, You Ask?

A double merle is created when two merle dogs are bred together. It doesn't matter what color merle, or what breed they are, when two merle or spotted dogs are bred together, each puppy in the litter has a 25% chance of being born a double merle. A double merle inherits the merle gene twice. The dogs are mostly white due to two copies of the merle gene which causes the bleaching/marbling effect in their coat. Double merles have a high chance of being deaf, blind, or both due to the lack of hair pigment produced in the inner ear. A lot of times their eyes are underdeveloped as well. Many people refer to them as albino, but that is an entirely inaccurate statement. Double Merles are 100% preventable with proper breeding practices


White Diamond Double Merle Dane Rescue
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A Safe Haven for Special Needs Dogs (Double Merle)

Here at White Diamond Double Merle Dane Rescue, We know that we can't change the world, but we can change the world for the dogs we rescue. We are committed to rescuing the underdogs, or the ones who people overlook because they aren't sure how to care for them. The ones breeders don't care that they produced, and would otherwise be euthanized. We are here to provide a safe, and loving home environment for these "special" dogs to decompress, and thrive while we rehabilitate them and ready them for their second chance at life, in a new forever home.
We rescue these dogs from all over the USA. Texas, Utah, Georgia, Louisiana, Florida, Colorado, Mississippi, the Carolinas, and Kentucky, just to name a few.


“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see”

Mark Twain


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Atticus is a purebred Catahoula leopard dog. 4 months old, and fully deaf. He is neutered, age appropriately vaccinated, microchipped, and current on flea/tick/heartworm preventatives. He is good with children, and other dogs.


Duke came to us from a shelter in Louisiana. He is 118 pounds, and 7 years old. Aged to perfection! He is housebroken, and an easy keeper. He is good with other dogs. He loves to sleep in bed with us, and will definately keep you war this winter! No children for Duke .


Pepper came to us from Texas. She is a deaf Australian Cattle dog(Blue Heeler). She is great with kids, and most other dogs. She needs to put o a few pounds. She has been spayed, microchipped, and vetted. Ready for her new home!



Sam is a hound blend, about 3 years young. He gets along with other dogs, and is good with children. He came to us from Louisiana, and is very thin, but gaining weight nicely. Please fill out an application if interested in adopting!



Buddy is a 6 month old Catahoula Leopard dog. His is going to be a big boy, as he is already 59 pounds! He is deaf, and has some visual impairments. He is such a special guy! When walking, he likes to be by your side, and hold your hand in his mouth! Adorable. He is doing well housebreaking, great with kids and other dogs! He can be found curled up on the couch asleep. He is quiet, and mild mannered here in rescue. He loves water, and could be found laying in the pond where he came from in Tennessee from a breeder. He is a pup I've contemplated keeping for ourselves!

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Donate to White Diamond Dane's Pet Food Pantry For Our Community's less fortunate animals

Items needed:

Dry dog, and cat food

Canned dog, and cat food

Dog Beds



flea and tick preventative


and anything else you'd like to donate for the less fortunate pets of the community. If your interested in having Chewy, or other companies ship food to us on your behalf, please contact us for mailing address.

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